These endpoints allow you to create and get credentialing requests. A credentialing request is a workflow that supports the creation of a credentialing packet. You can create a request for Verifiable's NCQA-certified CVO services to process or you can choose to self manage the workflow. By default, a CVO credentialing request will be created unless self managed is specified. Once a request has been created you cannot change between self managed and CVO. Multiple credentialing events can be created and managed for a provider.

When a CVO credentialing request is created, the request will be sent directly to the Verifiable CVO team to begin processing. You can check the status of the request by querying the GetCredentialingRequest or ListCredentialingRequests operations.

To keep track of the request, events are created to manage each stage of the credentialing request process using the CreateCredentialingRequestEvent operation. You can also fetch specific events using the GetCredentialingRequestEvent operation.